Welcome To ALDEA!

In the interest of positive vibes and productivity, we’ve got a few tips…

(Feel free to) Be friendly!

Our community is a collaborative one, and we feel lucky to have tons of interesting members here, plugging away, doing big things. If you see someone you want to chat with, introduce yourself!

… But also, respect thy neighbor.

In order for our community to thrive, it’s important that we protect the integrity of the co-working environment within our spaces. Please remain conscious of the ways your habits and actions have the potential to affect those around you. Kindly be mindful of your volume, make it a practice to use headphones while on calls, and please use only as much space as you need to work comfortably.

Leave your space cleaner than you found it!

Used dishes go in the bins, trash in the trash can, and recycling in the recycling container, you know the drill.

We need you as much as you need the space! 

If something needs to be filled, cleaned, fixed, or changed, please don’t hesitate to inform a Community Manager, restaurant employee, or Kettle Concierge. We try to do our best and your feedback helps us to be even better. 

The Workspace

  • You can sit anywhere in the space (except the back part of the restaurant - kitchen area)! Please browse and find your ideal space from the sunlit bar seating, dining tables, or comfy booths.  Work, read, watch Netflix with headphones, play checkers. We call it co-working, but we are also a place that you can come to see familiar faces, friends, drink coffee, schmooze, and just relax.
  • The KettleCafe is located at the bar. You will see it as soon as you walk in.
  • Eat, work, smile, be happy.

Hours of Operation

KettleSpace @ ALDEA runs from 8:30AM - 5:00PM, Monday through Friday (laptop down). 

Internet & Power

  • Connect to “KettleSpace Wifi” and consult the Wifi Connection Guide on the reverse side of the table FAQ menu. 
  • Power outlets are all around the space. If you don’t see one, kindly inform a staff member


Restrooms are located in the middle left main dining room closer to the back of the restaurant.

Food & Beverage                                                                                             

KettleSpace members can take advantage of  the Happy Hour BOGO drinks menu from 5PM-6:30PM. Take advantage of our Exclusive deal on 4 Course Tasting for $69 (KS Members Only!). Reservations must be made with the host same-day between 4:30PM-5:30PM to confirm availability.


You can reach us directly at hello@kettlespace.com or through our Kettle Concierge service (the chatbox on your dashboard). Thank you!

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