1. Say hello to your neighbors.

Our community is a collaborative one, so we encourage you to introduce yourself to other members. That said, use your best judgement if someone looks like they would rather not be disturbed. For instance, headphones on is typically a signal that “I'm in the zone.”

2. Be mindful of your volume and respectful to others around you. 

People are hard at work so please keep the vibes up and volume down

3. Always use headphones when listening to music or taking phone / video calls

The use of speakerphone or audible personal music is prohibited

4. Only occupy the amount of space you need.

Save your monopolies for the business world.

5. Leave your space cleaner than you found it. 

We are guests in the space, so be sure to put used dishes into the dish bins and recycling and trash in the appropriate receptacle.

6. If anything looks or feels out of place, needs to be refilled, or you need help with something, please let us know.

Ask a Community Manager, a restaurant employee or chat with your Kettle Concierge.

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