To get the most out of your Trial (and KettleSpace experience, generally):

1.  Make your first visit at a KettleSpace with a dedicated Community Manager. These spaces are indicated with a Kettle icon on the Locations page. You can also read more about this here.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself so we can connect you with others who can help you reach your goals (new clients, partners, friends, etc).

2. Try out different spaces to find the one(s) best for you.
Every space is different - so change up the scenery a bit!

3.  Say hello to your neighbor!
Our community is highly collaborative so don't be afraid to introduce yourself or strike up a conversation with your neighbors (unless they have headphones on, which is usually a 'do not disturb' indicator). If you're not sure how or who to engage, talk to one of our Community Managers. They have their finger on the pulse of each space and are a fantastic resource for anything you need, including curated connections to other KettleSpace Members.

4.  Refer to our
Help Center with questions or your Kettle Concierge with feedback. (We love your feedback!)

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