Coffee shops are unpredictable. 

They’re noisy, they’re crowded, and there's no guarantee you'll have usable wifi, a clean bathroom, or even a seat. Seats with convenient access to outlets are so rare they border on mythical. Even if you do happen to hit the café-workplace trifecta—seat, amenities, outlet, wifi—the moment you sit down, the imaginary clock by which you must measure how long is socially acceptable for you to hunker down and work, inevitably begins to tick. Not mention if you do stick around for a while, you'll inevitably need to get up to go to the bathroom, but who is going to watch your stuff?

KettleSpace gives you predictability and peace of mind.

With KettleSpace, all of these coffee shop problems go away. By partnering with spaces that are already built for long stretches and adding in our own muscle, you can rest assured that you won't have to pay for coffee, tea, or snacks ever again, your internet won't buffer just when you're finishing up that project, you won't have to hover awkwardly next to that one seat with an outlet, you won't have to ask the stranger next to you to watch your things while go to the restroom, and you certainly won't have to wonder whether there will be a seat available for you in the first place. 

You even get discounts on food & drinks, access to exclusive programming & events, a dynamic community ready to help you with anything you need, and of course drop-in, drop-out access to every space in the network.


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